Why Quitting Adulting To Travel Is Better In Your 30s vs 20s

Greeting the morning sun at the Red Sand Dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Greeting the morning sun at the Red Sand Dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam

The very first time I traveled, I was six years old and flew alone.

This was, in fact, my very first plane ride, and it was from NY to GA to meet my father’s side of the family.

Believe it or not, I was as a cool as a cucumber and quite excited about the entire experience.

Yup… so it’s safe to say I’m pretty comfy with the idea of travel.

And although I still continued a “life of travel,” I didn’t start expansive long-term traveling (3 months+ straight or more) until I was in my early thirties, and I’m grateful for that. Though I did travel in my twenties, I mostly stuck to North America, including Canada and Mexico, as well as the Caribbean, which is where my mother is from.

And after traveling to over twenty countries and countless cities, towns, and villages, I’ve learned how differently I and (many but not all of) my fellow travelers behave in our twenties versus our thirties.

In my opinion, here are three significant reasons why it’s better to quit adulting and hit the road in your thirties instead of your twenties:

You’re Less Dumb

Psychic Zya in Paris, France

Kicking it at the Palace of Versailles in Paris, France

You’re just not as dumb as you used to be. Do you remember how much dumb crap you used to do in your twenties?

Letting complete strangers drive you home from the club, nary a thought of “stranger danger.” Putting $3,000.00 handbags on your bloated credit card. Getting into bar fights at the drop of a hat. Drinking yourself into a pissy mess, splayed out on the sidewalk. Willingly wearing shoes so painful that you’ve got to pop a Tylenol to wear them for more than two hours.

In your thirties, you’ve grown up… You realize that going off with randoms might get you killed, and perhaps you’ve lost a dear friend to a horrible accident or the Big C. In other words, you’ve learned to appreciate your life and not take it for granted.

Drinking yourself into a stupor puts you out for the week… so who needs it? And those painful shoes? Just no. As for those credit cards… at least one is a bit less bloated than the others now.

And this lack of dumbness allows you to make better decisions on the road. You’ll drink but watch your surroundings and your intake. Getting into a fight in a bar in Bangkok may not have the same legal consequences as fighting someone in Boston. So you learn to communicate MINDFULLY. And as for going off with that stranger… you’ve learned to value your life, so you move slower. You’re just smarter now and it shows on the road.


You’ve Got More Money


Psychic Zya in Prague at Andy Warhol exhibit

Worshipping one of my favorite artist — Andy Warhol — at the Gallery of Art Prague

Do you remember just how broke you were in your twenties? It’s the stuff of nightmares, right?

I, like many, was so broke in my twenties and while in college and during post grad jobs that I can tell you 5011 ways to make Oodles of Noodles.

In fact, I should have an Oodles of Noodles Recipe App.


I should also have an app that tells you just how far a quarter tank of gas can take you.

I remember crossing state lines with college friends on a quarter tank of gas and a boatload of prayers.

Or what about those many seasons spent in the same pair of jeans/coats/boots/underwear, re-patching up the holes?

Or stopping by your parents’ home to re-up on food, snacks, and oh yea, to wash your clothing?

As for the TYPE of travel I did then —BUDGET— was my middle name, and while I did have a good time, I certainly was limited as to location, length of visit, and frankly the number of things I could do on the trip.

Well, in your thirties, chances are that you’ve received a few promotions and have a lot more zeros in your paycheck by now, which goes a super long way on the road. And prevents you from having to ask for handouts from Mom, Dad, and your more responsible sibling. Which makes quitting that well-paying gig with cash in the bank that much sweeter.

And instead of re-patching jeans or trying to make a tank of gas last five hundred miles, the most you’ll have to suffer is cutting back on your Starbucks habit and those expensive highlights. Trust me, it will be well worth it when your bank account is full and your skin is being touched by some lush sun in South Africa.

Your Adulting Game Is Top Notch BUT Stressful

Psychic Zya with Mona Lisa at The Louvre

Pushed through a sweaty face and throngs of tourist to get a shot with my girl Mona Lisa at The Louvre


We’ve all seen that meme where everyone is looking around for someone who is a better adult or better at adulting then they are.

I guarantee you, this meme was created by someone in their twenties.


Because it takes some life-seasoning to get the hang of adulthood.

In your thirties, you’ve most likely got the hang of being an adult and it’s great, except when it’s not. Smiling instead of slapping obnoxious bosses, landlords, and in-laws. Paying all bills on time and even paying more than the minimum. Saying no to that delicious slice of Gouda cheese because it gives you the bubble guts and an expanded waistline.

You know, just being responsible. Stuff like that.

But all of this responsibility makes for quiet misery, which is what will make quitting life to travel the world all the sweeter! But you’re less dumb now, so you’ll have responsible fun (see #1).

Twenty-year-olds don’t even know how sweet it is, since they’ve only been adulting for less than a decade and most likely half-assing it at that.


psychic zya in Vietnam

Cruising along the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

So yeah…go out and get your travel on!

But don’t forget your vitamins and double-check your travel insurance…cause, well… you’re not in your twenties anymore.

Before you hit the road, drop me a line and tell me about your crazy travel stories or why you agree (or don’t) that quitting adulating to travel is better in your thirties.

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Love, Light & Realness





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