Had my first reading tonight as a bday gift from me to me and it was DIVINEEEEE. My man been my husband, uncle, son and brother before [in past lives] Unbeknownst to her before the call was that I am recently healing (and raging) the suppressed abandonment I felt from my dad not being around as a child. She mentions the daddy issues being a part of my cancer diagnosis 10 yrs ago. Mic dropped. Mind clear. Let the healing and revelation continue. — C.J.

I’ve been in the process of acquiring a city job to be a musical therapist in an autistic school for over a year now. Took the test a yr ago and recently is when they’ve been following up with me. There were some obstacles about 6 months ago, so I kinda let the dream go. But I talked with Zya Mo in Sep/2015 and she told me that I’d get the job. She said it’ll take a while, but I’ll get it. She specified the process to take about 5 months. Well…it’s been 5 months. And TODAY I got an email being invited on Tues for the last phase of the application process – the medical exam!!!!! Passed the drug and psych test last week.

Because she gave me the time I’ll be getting it, I set my intentions on the job heavily around this time and I manifested it! Thanks Zya …and the universe. — A.V.

I met with Zya this morning and we had an amazinggggg session. She was clear, concise, to the point and really offered me alot of affirmation surrounding some decisions I’ve been grappling with. Thank you SOOOO much darling, I needed that! — A.S.

Y’all… Y’all. Y’ALL!!! I had a reading with Zya yesterday that has me on action street. I dunno about you but when things are at a crossroad, action propels me out of the fear of what next? What the heck is the next right step. I have pages full of specific & practical next steps. What they say is true. She’s dope at what she do. — E.R.

Just had an awesome reading from Zya!! Her level of specifics blew me away. Thanks girl! — L.M.

I just completed a spot on reading with Zya. I was given very specific information, and it was a super, holistic approach. For those of you who have been waiting, now is the time to book. 

Zya  will give you tactical advice — time, names and locations that will give you everything you need to live your life to the fullest right now. — M.I.

Zya helped me get my WHOLE life!



Uh yeah…the hype is real. Just concluded my reading with Zya and I am officially doing one with her at least once a month. Had me boo hooing one minute, laughing the next, scribbling notes in between both! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me Zya. I know we went over the allotted time but you were too gracious to tell me you had other stuff to do. LOL. — K.W.

Yet another witness to Zya’s spiritual readings, here! Although I have a lot of work ahead of me, and lots to navigate, I do feel more confident in which directions I need to take moving forward. I also got some confirmation on things I was thinking, yet hadn’t articulated to anyone.

Thank you Najwa! — A.W.

So let me tell you, Zya  just gave me a reading y’all (the energy/universe kind, not the shade kind) that has me feeling far more uplifted and free than I’ve felt in the last few months. Helping me make sense of the stuff that’s been occurring in my life lately, the next steps I should take, and re-affirming stuff that I’ve been ignoring because of fear/anxiety. I finished our conversation feeling good and motivated and ready to face the world.

If you’re wondering what kind of questions to ask (and/or how) think about anything you’re wavering on (career/moving/relationships – romantically and/or otherwise). Really anything that you’re not completely at peace with, and the conversation will flow from there.

She was amazing and y’all need to hop on her schedule. Trust me. — S.P.

I’ve been trying to find the words all morning after my session with Zya And I cannot find any… Only this heady feeling of a rush (and not the type I usually indulge in)… It’s like a spiritual rejuvenation, a new purpose… I’m floating. Thanks, much respect for my first ever session. — C.G.

Just wanted to thank Zya Mo for a great reading last night. Ladies, she is amazing, and I truly appreciate the level of detail provided in the strategies we discussed as I move into this next important phase of my life!! — R.G.

Ladies, seriously. Get a reading with Zya Mo. We had a reading on Saturday night and I’ve referred back to my notes about 5 times already. Give her your trust and she will give you the REAL. Just put the wheels in motion on something that Zya suggested during our reading.  After being all over the place (literally and figuratively), I’m feeling clear and empowered on some really important aspects of my life right now. Thank you again!!! — A.S.

I’ve been busy manifesting my dreams thanks to that awesome session with Zya. — A.A.

Still on vacation but thinking about the reading I had with Zya. She gave me some great insight on my current situations. Ive had time to really evaluate my  life. Time to make moves. — N.F.

I just finished a reading with Zya y’all. If you’re considering it, BOOK HER. We scheduled it right on time because I’m dealing with a lot of transitions right now. She helped with a lot of answers. Great vibes all around! — L.Y.

Just wanted to scream the praises of my reading with Zya last night. It was full of confirmations she knew things I hadn’t shared with anyone. Her connection to the ancestors is the real deal. And I left feeling empowered and hopeful. Thanks so much sister– Y.S.J.

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