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You were able to channel my unborn son and give me some guidance. This guidance helped me make it through his delivery.READ MORE »

PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR SUMMER 2019 I AM ON HIATUS WORKING ON MY FIRST FULL LENGTH FICTION NOVEL while also taking a breather from spiritual work so that I can replenish my own energy. Thank you for your understanding, empathy and kindness.

As a medium and an empath I’ve the ability and psyche to naturally communicate with spirit whether they are coming (unborn – both in the auric field and in utero) or going (deceased) and communicating with babies is no different.

Before birth, babies choose their parents (and life lessons) while still on the spiritual plane; the reasons range from karmic and ancestral ties to their preference for certain genetic and cultural traits.

As anyone who has been a mother will tell you, communicating with your unborn child (in utero) is completely possible and quite normal.

As a psychic medium who has done hundreds of readings, I can tell you that if there is a child waiting to be with you, they are often already within your aura and are happy to communicate with you – from their sex to the thoughts on your current or potential mate.

It’s quite amazing and often brings a lot of joy to my clients.

This reading is for both women who are currently pregnant and as well as those who are looking to communicate with their spirit babies — both those in the future — and those who have passed on whether through miscarriage, stillborn, termination or infant-age death.


If you are currently pregnant, I will be communicating directly with your child in hopes of uncovering:

  • Personality messages from the baby — particular tastes, needs, personality quirks, special gifts and talents
  • Any direct messages to the father and or immediate family
  • Past Life relationships and Karmic Ties if available
  • “Communicative Delivery” Tips — spirit led messages from both the child, your angels and guides on how to prepare for a better delivery


Whether you’re anxiously wanting to know if there is a child in your future or you have a baby that is deceased, I will be communicating with your Spirit Baby in hopes of uncovering:

  • Details around their sex, how many children, personality quirks etc
  • When they are looking to arrive OR why they have yet to arrive
  • Past Life relationships and Karmic Ties if available
  • Any worries or concerns that they have about you and your partner as their potential parents
  • If Deceased — I will seek to give you closure and uncover if they’ve crossed over, if they are still in your aura waiting to come back, if there is any emotional trauma that you can help to release them from, etc.

Baby Readings are quite my favorite simply because they provide so much joy, clarity and peace for both mothers and moms-to-be as well as those who have lost children.

Here’s a client testimony that really touched my heart!

Thank you Zya

We had a reading a couple of months ago and you were able to channel my unborn son and give me some guidance.
The message that you said he was giving- “everything will be ok mommy”. And you also mentioned his position in my womb- he was definitely breached on and off through out the pregnancy and he didn’t move a lot, just like you said.

The drs thought he was under stress because of his lack of movement. They did an emergency c section but I kept reminding my self that everything would be ok. Also at the last minute he went back into breach position after being head down when they last checked which was 10 min before the surgery.

This guidance helped us make it through his delivery. Bless you.

*Please note that I cannot guarantee that a Spirit Baby will show up for the reading nor can I guarantee that a child is indeed part of your future in this lifetime. But I’ve learned that if you feel compelled to reach out, that many times it is spirit pushing you to do so from the other side.

*Please note all calls outside of the U.S. are done via Skype. U.S. callers have the option to utilize Skype or their phone.

I look forward to meeting you and your baby!!

*Bonus: At the time that you make your appointment you have the option to add another family member to the call.


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