Meet the Clairs: 4 Common Psychic Abilties

When I first started to develop my psychic abilities I was introduced to the clairs or what is known as your various psychic gifts. The clairs really shape how your intuition and the spirit world communicate with you and mastering your individual gifts will go a long way for your psychic and intuition development.





Here are four of the most common – play a bit of a game with yourself – and see if you have more than one!


The Four Common Clairs


By far the best known of all psychic abilities, clairvoyants receive intuitive messages visually.  The literal definition of the term is “clear seeing.” You may see visions through your physical eyes or your “mind’s eye.”   There are various ways to see what the spirits are sending you.  You may visualize a photograph-like image, movie-like scenes or even symbolic images or numbers.  Clairvoyants can often see people, places and events that take place in the past present or future.



Do you hear that little voice in your ear (or head) that seems to tell you the information that you need  (whether you want it or not?)  You are likely getting psychic information from your guides.  This psychic gifts may even manifest through messages from TV/Radio, music or even an overheard conversation.  It is even likely that you may hear faint voices or sounds in a remote area only to investigate and find there is nothing (physical) there.



Clairsentience is “clear feeling.”  Those with this psychic ability have physical and/or emotional sensations related to incoming messages.  This psychic gift is most often found in empaths.  Clairsentients can experience a gamut of sensations including pressure, tingling and even pain in its physical manifestation.  Sudden sadness, anger or anxiety without cause can also be a sign that you possess this psychic gift.  Picking up on the emotions of others is common with this “clair.”



If you find yourself knowing things that logically you shouldn’t, you probably have the psychic gift of “clear knowing” or claircognizance. You may refer to it as you “gut instinct” or “intuition.”  However, it’s so much more.  You may be able to do simple things find you way without a GPS.  Or you know that your best friend is lying to your face.  Or know about a tragic event before you’re told.  You don’t have evidence.  You just know what you know.


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Photo credit A: Photo by Meiying Ng on Unsplash

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