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The Launch of 360Magick: My Intuition Development Training Membership

Hey Glitter Bombs!!

psychic zya launches intuition development courseI’m so excited to announce the launch of my membership 360Magick. It’s an ongoing intuition development training complete with weekly how-to-videos, homework and a pretty lit Facebook Group led by yours truly.

I’m inviting you to be part of a beautiful tribe of fellow magick makers who are ready to explore the power of their intuition to elevate their finances, health, love lives, and so much more. I believe that many of us our part of the same soul family and connected for a reason, and that you’re a fellow lightworker, lightseeker, or empath committed to changing your life and the world.


And in case you’re wondering -no- this isn’t a membership for only highly psychic people – this is for everyone — why? Because EVERYONE is Psychic and born with a natural intuition – plus wouldn’t you like to learn how a green candle can bring you in more money?




The launch of this membership is the embodiment of my true purpose in this incarnation to spread light and to be a lightworker activator. Plus I (and you too) get to share all my weird metaphysical stories in a safe place (ha!)

As a Lightworker Activator my literal “job” is to set in motion the spark to help others:

  • Hone their Spiritual Compass
  • Develop their Magickal Gifts
  • Empower their Empath Superpower
  • Connect Them To Their Spiritual Team
  • ….And more!

And that’s exactly what this game changing membership will do.

Are you as excited as I am yet?

I hope so because I want to invite you to a round of complimentary LIVE PREVIEW CLASSES (link to classes) so that you can test drive the membership before it officially launches at the end of the month.

These engaging, dynamic and effective classes will include learning how to manifest abundance with candles, meditate with crystals and interpret when and how your angel team is contacting you.

I created this space for you and me. So let’s do this… click here to grab the complimentary WORKBOOK  that you can use during the Live Class to work alongside me.

I’m so happy to connect with you again in this lifetime!

Image courtesy of UnSplash/Yeshi Kangrang 

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