Psychic Zya Gives Spiritual Awakening Tips in ESSENCE Magazine

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Greetings fellow Lightworkers and lightworker enthusiasts!

I’m so honored to have written my very first print article on Spiritual Awakening for the luminous  ESSENCE Magazine’s Jan 2017 issue on newsstands now!

Though I’ve been blessed with receiving press attention before this is so special to me because it has taken a lot of courage on my end to stand in my truth and to share my gifts OUT LOUD and PROUD with the world through a well respected magazine that continues to pay homage to black women and girls everywhere!

My guardian angels have told me time and time again to have faith, which is never easy when you don’t know when your  next bit of bread or blessing$ are coming from next, but faith I have held and I’ve truly been reward.


One time for #FAITH!!


#YASSSSS! (and no YASSSS will never get old to me..hahah!)

My good friend and fantabulous client Charreah Jackson, Relationship & Lifestyle Editor of ESSENCE Magazine, was gracious enough to allow me the opportunity spread light.

Check out what she has to say about my gifts and read the full page article below.


Zya’s reading have been a God send, literally. She has helped me to connect the dots in my past to heal and helped me prepare for my future.  She has predicted some of my biggest blessings of the year (to my disbelief) and they have happened just as she described. When she was able to connect my past cancer diagnosis to emotional pain it blew my mind. She has helped me strengthen my faith as I have built stronger relationships with my angels and God. Her gift is real and a blessing.” – Charreah K. Jackson, ESSENCE Lifestyle & Relationships Editor
Psychic Zya's Essence Magazine Article



Thank you Ms. Jackson and team ESSENCE!

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Love, Light and Realness…


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