How Michael Jackson Forced Me Out Of The Psychic Closet

I didn’t want to bother with my psychic powers. I really didn’t. I wanted to just be regular or oblivious or fabulous or anything but someone who could see and speak with dead people, pick up the feelings and thoughts of others, and get “visions.”

Somehow, for most of my life, I was able to pretty much block out my gifts or chalk it up to being lucky or really creative or super smart or really good at “reading” people. Little did I know just how much I was reading people.


As for those “voices” in my head… Well, I’m a writer by trade. There are always voices.


In the eighteen months leading up to the summer of 2013, when Michael first contacted me, I’d lost both the grandmother who raised me and my very best friend to cancer —14 months apart. I mention this because I believe that these two deaths taking place pretty much back to back “triggered” my awakening. I’ve read that this is what tends to happen when someone close to you dies and you have latent spiritual gifts.

Psychic Medium Zya With Her Grandmother

Me, my Grandmother and my Cousins on Easter 1991.


Plus, they had both reached out to me in their own way via dreams and so forth.

Psychic Zya With Friend

Me and my BFF Anisa Fujah. R.I.P. Songbird

I honestly don’t recall how Michael Jackson first got in touch with me. I just remember that he started telepathically communicating with me one day, first with a feeling, then somehow his name or music or image would just appear on the web, then I started receiving third eye visuals and images of him, and eventually he spoke to me.

As you can imagine, I was pretty freaked out and therefore just tried to pretend nothing was happening.

The harder I tried to ignore him, or it or whatever, the more persistent he became. As I went to sleep, he started talking, when I woke up he was right there.

Now let me just tell you, I’m a Michael Jackson fan, but not a fanatic. So I was more stressed that he wouldn’t go away then I was happy that the Late Great Michael Jackson had contacted me.

In fact, I was downright scared (and I’m not gonna lie to you, a tad bit concerned about the very real possibility of a burgeoning psychotic break) and decided to reach out to Bruce Rubin, the award-winning creator of Ghost, to see if he could help me understand what was going on. Bruce was kind enough to return my email (especially as I was a complete stranger) and offered to get on the phone with me but did let me know that he didn’t have a background or particular interest in mediumship or ghost busting.

Ironic, I know.

I eventually gave in to the fact that Michael Jackson was indeed seeking my help, and here’s why: You’ll recall that his daughter, Paris Jackson, had attempted suicide in June of 2013. He started reaching out to me later that summer/early fall.Michael wanted me to get in contact with his sister, Janet Jackson, because he felt that all three of his children would be safer with her and her then husband, Wissiam Al Mana.

I know. I know. Janet and Paris had some family drama, but what family doesn’t?

Now, you can imagine me sitting in my Brooklyn studio apartment, wondering how in the world I was going to reach out to Janet Jackson, of all people! Sure, I worked at the intersection of entertainment and fashion, and yes, I knew a lot of high-level people, but I wasn’t BFF-ing it up in Bermuda with the Jolie-Pitt squad or getting hand-delivered invites to Jay & Bey’s private suite at the Barclays Center.

Photo of Bedstuy Brooklyn

Beautiful Bedstuy, Brooklyn. The part of the world I was living in when MJ “Reached Out”.

Like I said, I lived in a studio apartment in Brooklyn.

A-list, I am not.

So I pretty much told Michael that, and here was our exchange on the day I did finally break down and reach out to Janet after much pushing.


Zya: “Um Mike, I don’t have Janet’s contact… I don’t know Janet.”

MJ: “Yes, you do. I’m gonna give it to you. Grab a pen.”

Zya: “Say what?”

MJ: “Hurry up and grab a pen. I’m gonna give you her email… Are you ready?”

Humoring him, I slid my laptop front and center and opened up my Gmail account.

Zya: “Okay, what is it?”

MJ: ”It’s—

Zya: “Wait, how will she know this is for real? We need a code word or phrase or something…”

MJ: “Yes, put the phrase [redacted] in the subject line; she’ll know it’s from me. The email is [redacted]”

Zya: “Wait…that’s way too simple and easy.”

MJ: “Yes, I know; that’s why it’s perfect.”

I then sent her the email with his words and it bounced back!!!

Zya: “Uh hello, this isn’t right. Wsup?”

MJ: “Apologizes. “Sorry, I forgot [redacted] . I always forget the [redacted] .”


This time, there was no bounce back. Here’s the email I wrote to Janet:

Email From Psychic Medium Zya To Janet Jackson

Though I waited patiently for several weeks, I never did get a response from her, and so I told Michael that I had tried my best and that was all I could do. But he insisted that I knew someone who knew her and that his family and he would appreciate it if I could reach out to this person.

Now this was a BIG PROBLEM for me.

He was right, I did know someone, though at the time of his initial contact, this person didn’t come to mind and I didn’t really KNOW that she knew the Jacksons. But then he showed me an image in my third eye of this person at his funeral, and I remembered that she had been shown on TV during the live broadcast in California.

Psychic Mediumship at its finest.

But let me be very clear: This was–is–an A-list, heavy-hitting publicist to the STARS! Someone whose respect I had cultivated over the years by keeping track of her career and creating a smart and responsible relationship with her.

She was certainly not someone that I wanted to reach out to with a seemingly crazy story that would make her think I was trying to use her.

But Michael persisted, and so I did reach out to her, and while the individual had a direct relationship to Janet and the Jacksons, she was not comfortable passing along my message.

Which I totally got. Hell, I was uncomfortable asking her!

By this time, MJ had been “haunting” me for a solid month plus, and I had to ask him to leave because the situation was wearing me down. I told him I had done all that I could, and he finally relented and moved on.

And as he moved on, I came to the realization that this “thing” I had wasn’t going to go away and had to be dealt with.

So I underwent a six-week Psychic Development course with Beth Layne out of Alabama in the winter of 2013.

But it would still take me almost another two solid YEARS before I decided to begin doing this work professionally and launch this site.

Though it was a terrifying and stressful experience, I guess I owe MJ a big “thank you” for forcing me out of the Psychic Closet and into the light to honor my gifts.

Fun Fact: In the summer (2015), Janet Jackson’s then husband’s company contacted me through Linked In regarding an opportunity to work with his company in a high-level Social Media position in Qatar.

Out of the blue.

Yuup. Cray.

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MJ Photo by Thomas Charters on Unsplash

All other images by Psychic Medium Zya

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