5 Benefits of Opening Your Third Eye

If you’re spent any time studying the metaphysical, you’ve no doubt heard mention of the “third eye” numerous times.  Your teachers, mentors and psychics are always advising your to “open your third eye” or don’t for get your  third eye chakra ( also known as the sixth chakra.)  But why?  What is so important about the oft-mentioned third eye?


The third eye is located in the forehead, a bit above the brow.  For this reason, it is also known as the “brow chakra” This chakra is associated with intuition, intellect and insight.  Essentially, it ths the control center for many of you psychic gift and intuitive wisdom.

What are the benefits of opening your third eye?


Sharper intuition:  When you open your third eye chakra, your become more aligned with your intuition or inner wisdom.  Where you may have previously found blockages in your judgement you will find higher levels of discernment.  You will also be able to better recall the effects of past experiences and use that to make better decisions in the present.  You will find that you have clarity about relationships, career and your life’s purpose that didn’t exist before.  This allows you to build greater trust with yourself and consequently your gifts.


Stress reduction:  When your third eye is open and focuses you reduce your stress levels tenfold. This is because you gain the ability to see the “bigger picture” and small inconsequential matters take of less of your thought.  You become laser focused on your higher good as opposed to non-issues that do nothing but lower your vibration. You will even find that you can more readily find solutions to the larger looming problems that are plaguing your life. These solution can be either/both spiritual or practical.


Increase manifestation ability: Opening your third eye chakra can open an entire new world to you.  Have you been following all the the “ Law of Attraction” rules, but can never manifest?  An open third eye makes receiving information from the universe easier thus aligning your energy and your actions to make for an ideal manifesting environment.


Receive messages:   With an open third eye, you can see the beauty and the value in all of the Universe. This allows for the ability to see symbolism and receive messages from your environment that you were literally blind to before.


Activate your other chakras: When your third eye you get intuitive message on how to properly care for your other chakras.  This results in better overall health, wisdom, relationship building and vibrational attraction.

Now that you’re clear on the many benefits of having that third eye wide open – grab my complimentary Intuition Development toolkit HERE.


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