43 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

“Spiritual Awakening” I remember when I first came upon this term. Believe it or not it was via an IG meme that said something along the lines of “you’re not breaking down, you’re breaking through…you’re spiritual awakening that is” and I was floored. Because despite my spiritual journey through Asia and discovering I had a hell of a lot of psychic abilities, I still wasn’t sure why I was going through so many of the changes that are listed below until honestly I scrolled passed that meme.

And I forever remain grateful as it quickly allowed me to “label” the many psychological, physical and emotional changes I had been going through for what felt like forever.

Allow me to help you speed up a bit past this process and outline some of the “symptoms” you can expect/experience on your path of spiritual growth and development.

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43 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening:

    1. Colors “pop” more vividly.  When you see flowers, plants and stars, the colors stand out more than previously.
    2. You find yourself exploring belief systems outside of those previously held.
    3. You want to take up hiking suddenly; or any other activity to better commune with nature:
    4. You are becoming more aware of your own negative behavior, patterns or thoughts.  
    5. Taking care of you health ( physical and/or mental) becomes paramount.
    6. The sadness and suffering in the world begins to shift your mood to anger or sadness.
    7. You begin to see colors or “auras” around people.
    8. Coincidence or “synchronicity” occurs more frequently.
    9. Your sleep patterns are being interrupted, particularly between the hours of 2 AM and 4AM.
    10. You feel that you have no longer have things in common with your friends.  
    11. You start seeking out personal development information.
    12. Your attachment to “things” weakens.
    13. The need to make a change in the word starts to consume your thoughts.  
    14. You feel an immediate need change you job or career.  
    15. You  are unfulfilled in your relationships.
    16. You intuition guides you to go on adventures; try new things.
    17. Spiritual teacher start to show up in your life.
    18. Feeling of sadness begin to occur seemingly without a trigger.  
    19. The need to be creative begins feel like a need to “give birth.”
    20. You are FINALLY comfortable being “ unapologetically you.”
    21. You feel that many things you’ve learned throughout your life are untrue.
    22. Engaging in small talk feels shallow and unnecessary.
    23. You often need to retreat from social interaction.
    24. You need to retreat equally or even more often from social media.
    25. You develop empathy for people that you didn’t like before.
    26. When you meet new people, you want to know them on a substantive level.
    27. You look for knowledge in unexpected places.
    28. Beauty become apparent in all things.
    29. You begin to see value in solitude instead of feeling lonely.
    30. You develop food intolerances; particularly to animal products.
    31. Your food preferences are changing.
    32. You have unexplained fluctuations in weight.
    33. You feel a need to speak to the Divine more often.
    34. Your body seems to literally vibrate.
    35. You start feeling a “connectedness” to others; especially strangers.
    36. You develop a “knowing” that everything is one
    37. Changes are occurring in your immune system.  You may be getting sick more often.  If you are sickly, you experience fewer illnesses.
    38. Your dreams have gotten extremely vivid and detailed.
    39. You senses have become heightened.
    40. You begin to “ talk to yourself”; even in public.
    41. Your negative self-talk shifts to a more positive and hopeful tone.
    42. You feel that you have separated from your body.  
    43. You feel ALIVE

Hopefully this list gives you a bit of clarity and relief.

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