26 Signs That You’re Psychic

Here’s the funny thing about signs that you are psychic and having psychic abilities, because one is BORN THAT WAY, it can take a long to time to even discover your psychic gifts! (Heck I was in my early 30s before I truly realized what was happening!)

But trust me after reading this list and thinking over various events of your life you will quickly realize the signs of being psychic.

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In the meantime…grab a pen and make a quick list as to how many of these signs of being psychic pertain to you and your gifts!

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26 Signs That You’re Psychic

  • You experience deja vu frequently.

  • You have vivid dreams that you are able to recount in heavy detail.

  • You are a lucid dreamer.

  • You communicate with the dead in your sleep.  This can include loved ones and even strangers that you can sense have passed on.

  • You see the dead when you’re awake.

  • You’re sensitive to negative imagery in media.

  • You pick up the emotions of others.  It may be from your loved ones or even from people that are simply in close proximity.

  • You have extremely sharp senses.  You may be able to hear very high or low pitch noises that others cannot.  Possibly, you see images from the corners of your eye that no one else notices.

  • You experience synesthesia; seeing colors related to people, sounds words and even smells.

  • You are constantly noticing what most call “coincidences”.  These are often not coincidence at all; but instances of psychic synchronicity.

  • You have relatives that have psychic ability or experiences.  There tends to be a familial and ancestral component to connecting with your psychic gifts.

  • You have an inexplicable connection to a space, place or time period that you have never been.

  • You pick up  smells ( perfume, tobacco, shampoo)  that are associated to people that have passed on or with whom you have not recently come in contact.

  • You find yourself deviating from normal routines to find that there has been a disaster along your normal course.

  • You have premonitions that come true.

  • You notice the same sequences of numbers seemingly “follow” you.

  • You pick up on the “vibes” of a person as soon as you meet them and find that you were correct at a later point.

  • You’ve had the feeling of knowing a significant other well before you even met them.

  • You’ve been inspired to travel to a new place to find that it feels familiar.

  • You’ve been the “go-to” for advice since a young age.

  • You hear people calling your name when no one can be found.

  • You’ve  had to leave a home, apartment or hotel because you just felt that something “wasn’t right.”

  • You hear songs that seem to answer questions soon after you ask them.

  • You’ve received from a person that seemed to have “vanished into thin air” afterward.

  • Electronics tend to blow out around you when you are feeling sad, overwhelmed or anxious.

  • You know that you are.


Welcome to the club my psychic friend!

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