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17 Spot on Empath Traits + Amazeballs Resources To Help

Empath.  You’ve heard the word but you’re not quite sure what it is.  Empaths are spiritually aligned with other living souls. As an empath your have a tendency to take on the world.  It’s more than being highly sensitive. You are basically a magnet for energy. Here are 17 spot on empath traits that work across the board and some amazing resources including my What’s My Psychic Gifts? psychic reading that can assist you in fully understanding not only what it means to be an Empath but how to beat Empath overwhelm AND explore your many other psychic powers!

black woman with flowers magick 101charisse-kenion-748334-unsplash


Do you have any of these empath traits ?


  1. You get sad when without warnings or triggers.
  2. Negative imagery on TV or movies impact your mood.
  3. You have physical reactions to antiques and secondhand items.
  4. Empaths may feel a need for solitude as the world can get overstimulating.
  5. People accuse you of being too sensitive.
  6. You get overwhelmed by emotions in crowds.
  7. You can spot a narcissist from a mile away.
  8. Empaths tend to carry extra weight even with a balanced diet.  You need to feel grounded.
  9. Your feel spiritual connections to animals and even plants.
  10. People tell you that your are hard to read.
  11. Keeping your feeling bottled in causes your physical pain.
  12. You have sensitivity to sounds. ( particularly very low and very high pitch noises)
  13. Multi-tasking tends to become overwhelming.
  14. Clutter makes to feel paralyzed, both physically and energetically.
  15. You are unable to handle ambiguity.  
  16. Strangers spill their guts to you on the regular basis.
  17. You take on the symptoms of ill people around you.

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Now that you are aware of the various empath traits, allow me to give you a few resources to assist you in making the most of your Empath Superpowers.

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