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Kid Cudi: My Public Psychic Reading Identifying His Gifts

As many of you know rapper Kid Cudi penned an open letter stating how he was checking himself into rehab for his ongoing struggle with depression, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.

Kid Cudi’s story touched me so deeply and I intuitively felt that his depression was linked to suppressed or unrecognized metaphysical gifts.

I immediately begin to channel Archangels’ Ariel, Michael and Uriel and discovered that the Angels’ agreed with what my intuition was telling me.

Many people who suppress their metaphysical gifts or are highly unaware of them end up turning into depressed substance abusers surrounded by a circle of energy vampires. This often leads to them being overwhelmed and caught up in a world of trouble that they just can’t shake emotionally.

While I certainly am not negating the fact that he most likely suffers from clinical depression, I’ve found that Western medicine doesn’t link emotional trauma and latent metaphysical gifts  with chronic mental health issues.

In the world of Shamanism we do. Here I encourage Kid Cudi to check into the gifts of mediumship and empath to see if he can identify himself – and if he does I highly recommend that he work with energy healers. I also discuss nutrition from a high level.

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Here’s the public reading!



I wish you much love and light on your journey Kid Cudi.


Also if you’re questioning if you too are a medium check out my article:  Mediumship & Depression: 19 Illuminating Traits.

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Love, Light and Realness






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