Mediumship & Depression: 19 Illuminating Traits

Most likely if you find yourself on this particular post you’ve begun to come to the terms that you quite possibly have the gift of mediumship though you may also be clinically diagnosed as depressed.

This particular post was inspired by rapper/actor Kid Cudi’s recent open letter on his battle with depression  and subsequently going into  rehab for addiction and suicidal thoughts.

His story touched me so deeply that I did a public Angelic Psychic Reading for Kid Cudi to see if I could energetically decipher what may be at the root of his troubles and I was told by Archangel Ariel that he is indeed an Empath and a Medium.

Many mediums, psychics and empaths suffer from some level of depression because we literally carry the weight of the world on our shoulders whether we realize it or not. Also if one is unaware of their gifts or afraid of them, solace is often sought in substance abuse.


Mediumship Defined:

In the most basic term mediumship means you can speak with the deceased  as well as be able to forecast the future, receive information of the present without being told and take glimpses into the past.

While for many and frankly myself included (at least for  a short while) the ability to “see”  or “communicate” with “ghosts” can be scary and maybe even make you question your sanity.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

I receive so much joy being able to not only share messages of the deceased with their loved ones but I love being able to channel the various Angels as well. I’ve also been blessed with the ability to speak with the unborn or in utero aka Spirit Babies who are happily waiting to meet their soon-to-be parents.

Though it took me quite a while to get here I now feel quite blessed to be a Psychic Medium — well — at least most of the time.




To help you identify yourself, child or friend as a medium here is a quick checklist of some pretty powerful telltale signs of mediumship.

19 Eye Opening Traits of Being A Medium:

  1. Inquisitive and Experimental nature
  2. Extreme sensitivity to other peoples’ emotions and problems which can result in YOUR feelings of anger, depression, sadness and frustration (also known as Empath)
  3. Prefers their own company –usually as a result of the sensitivity
  4. During your early childhood you had a fear of the dark and dying
  5. Low self esteem (sometimes)
  6. Little to few close friends – as both a child and an adult
  7. Visits from ‘people’ at night — usually around 3:00am
  8. A clear knowing that you different and have a larger purpose but not always sure what
  9. Can fall to substance abuse e.g. alcohol, drugs to avoid spirit communication or to enhance it
  10. Deep  interest in areas of the paranormal, metaphysics, crystals,  self-help books, shamans, psychics and other mediums
  11. You can walk into a room and feel the physical “energy” from heat to pressure to emotions
  12. Super vivid nightmares and/or lucid dreams — sometimes they are predictions of what is to come.
  13. You remember sensing, seeing or speaking with spirits when you were a child or you have family members who have
  14. You’ve experienced the following  out of the corner of your eye:  sparkles, white smoke, flashes of light, invisible figures, odd shadows
  15. You hear voices, see vivid images and have ignored it convincing yourself it was your imagination
  16. Electrical equipment – lights, computers, appliances, TVS — tend to short circuit around you.
  17. Someone close to you has died and you experienced a lot of odd things afterwards
  18. You’ve had paranormal experiences yourself that you can’t or won’t explain to anyone entirely explain
  19. You’ve taken prescription pills, drugs, or alcohol to try and stop any and all of these things


I won’t lie, this list is a doozy, but the moment that I woke up and embraced the fact that I was indeed a medium it all got much better.

Sending you and Kid Cudi a lot of love and light on your journey to your highest self and true calling.

Pop in and leave me a comment letting me know about your gifts and possible struggles.


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Love, Light and Realness,


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