Learn how to harness the power of your intuition, manifest daily abundance, develop your Empath superpower and stand boldly in your truth!



360Magick is my answer to the increasing global need for intuition development among like-minded highly-sensitive souls. When you enter, you’re greeted by a beautiful tribe of fellow magick makers, who are ready to explore and learn how to harness the power of their intuition, how to elevate their finances, health, love lives, and leverage their various metaphysical gifts all while holding sacred space for themselves and each other.

Who is 360Magick For?

“You and I are part of the same soul family and connected for a reason. You’re a fellow lightworker, lightseeker, or empath committed to changing your life and the world.”
– Zya 

Sitting at the intersection of intuition training and community, 360Magick is for those:

  • Who want to learn how to trust their gut and avoid unnecessary heartache and drama
  • Who seeks to wholly embrace and harness their natural metaphysical talents
  • Who want to honor and hone their Empath gifts and release the overwhelm
  • Who are desperately seeking answers as to their true purpose here on this planet
  • Who get excited about learning how to connect to their Spiritual Team
  • Who wish to align themselves easily with the natural laws of abundance
  • Who are feverishly drawn to the occult, healing crystals and esoteric arts
  • Who need more clarity, less anxiety and unstoppable self-confidence in their daily lives

What Will I Learn & What’s Included In The Membership?

360Magick comes with weekly classes and meditations delivered right to your inbox, a private community, and so much more.

“When you enter, we get to work immediately,
developing YOU to the next level.”
– Zya 

The core areas of training include: Intuition Development, Empath Empowerment, Spirit Communication, Spiritual Cleansing and Manifestation. This is mainly executed through Meditations, Crystals, Candles, Tarot, Spiritual Cleansing Tools and more.

Here is a list of your first 8 weeks of classes…

  • Intuition Development Basics: Learning How To Open Your 3rd Eye (along with the benefits of doing so) & Protect Your Energy Metaphysically
  • The Clairs: Understanding How Your Intuition Speaks To You, How To Navigate Your Soul’s Language and The Core Psychic Gifts
  • Spiritual Cleansing Basics: Smudging 101 For You and Your Home
  • Meditation For Intuition Development: Including Four Powerful Meditations To Delve Deep Into Your Intuitive Powers & Hone Your Spiritual Compass
  • Healing Crystals for Intuition Development: Discover Must Have Crystals For Anyone Who Wants To Power Up Their Spiritual Gifts
  • Empaths Intro: Identifying The 6 Types of Empaths along with step-by-step training on Energy Protection and core Negative-Energy Clearing Techniques
  • Empath Protection With Healing Crystals: Learn Three Life Changing Crystal Centered Visualizations
  • Spirit Communication Basics: Delve into Angel Tarot Cards and Learn How to Meet Your Spirit Team through a Guided Meditation

And more!

Membership Benefits & Levels

360Magick membership has two levels available:



Are you as excited as I am yet?

I hope so ‘cause while 360Magick is a non-stop intuition development training for you, for me, personally, it is the embodiment of my true purpose in this incarnation to spread light and to be a lightworker activator.

And Who Doesn’t Want to Live Their Purpose…

As a Lightworker Activator, my literal “job” is to help you:

  • Hone your Spiritual Compass
  • Develop your Magickal Gifts
  • Empower your Empath Superpower
  • Connect You To Your Spiritual “Team” aka Guides

And your job is to say YES to doing your work, creating more ease in this lifetime, and stepping into your most powerful calling.

I created this space for you and me (and erm our weird metaphysical stories)

Because you deserve this — the support and everything that’s been promised to you in this lifetime.

So let’s do this…

[YES, I WANT TO JOIN 360 MAGICK] – Button links to Payment Page where you can select Basic or VIP

You will immediately receive your first class, assignment, and instructions after you sign up! Don’t leave this page without making the decision to join us — especially if you’re feeling that intuitive gut nudge that you need this support and community for your own spiritual and personal growth. We’ve got you and are here as your very own support group and community.


Legal Disclaimer: By signing up to become a member of 360Magick you are automatically stating that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service – of Styleaholics Productions, LLC the parent company of Zya.Global and 360Magick.com. There are no refunds for 360Magick membership, but you can cancel your membership for future months at anytime. When you cancel your membership, we will delete your account and you will not be charged again.







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