crystal gridding for work

Healing Crystal Protection Bundle: Gridding For Work & Home E-Guides

crystal gridding for work

Healing Crystals are quite powerful both for our energetic and physical bodies. The energy transmission from crystals has an electrical make up similar to the natural aura that surrounds our bodies. Many crystals can help with both healing our chakras, our minds and our hearts.

For Black Friday 2019 I’m releasing a Crystal Protection Bundle course. These two E-Guides will teach you how to work with protective healing crystals both at home and at work.


The Crytal Gridding Guide For Your Workspace Includes:

  • The best crystals for repealing negative energy from people and places
  • The best crystals for releasing work-related anxiety, ushering in more harmony and creating a general sense of goodwill
  • How to physically layout your crystals and how to lay them out differently if you have a private office vs if you’re in an open floor plan.
  • Additional items to help clear negative energy in the workspace

The Crystal Gridding Guide For Your Home Includes:crystal gridding for home

  • The best crystals to create a general protective boundary grid around your home both from negative influences inside & outside the home
  • The best crystals to use in the adult bedroom to enhance love and passion
  • The  best crystals to in the family/living room to increase harmony and love within the home


The Bundle Includes:

  • Steps to cleanse & program your crystals (and why this is important)
  • Complimentary Crystal Attunement Meditation
  • Links to purchase crystals and energy clearing tools.


For Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 the price of this Protective Healing Crystals Bundle is $24.99 for both of them!




Please note that both guides will be sent to you in an email confirmation for you to download.




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