CrystalScopes by Zya : May 2018 Horoscopes


Ayyyye! Welcome ya’ll to my newly launch free monthly horoscopes column called CrystalScopes. The first of its kind, this horoscope is created through my psychic powers and uses healing crystals (my absolute fave) as my divination tool of choice. Check back here during the first week of every  month to get your sign and be sure to share this with all of your friends.

The focus of these horoscopes takes an outlook on what you can expect emotionally and a variety of metaphysical tools to help you amp up or cool down what’s going on in your world.

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May 2018 CrystalScopes!

Taurus CrystalScope:

All hail the mighty Taurus! With this being your season and right in the heart of it, this month, the universe asks that you take stock of just how far you come and pat yourself ont he back for a job well done. Too often, earthly Taurus, you work tirelessly to complete a trillion projects and march on to the very next–forgetting to thank and honor yourself first — and sometimes even those on your team (ermm.) Seeing as this is your bday month, take some time to pamper and re-center yourself through meditation and spending time in nature.

Power Crystal: Hematite 
This month’s crystal for you is hematite crystal – which is linked with its ability to absorb any toxic emotions holding you back from your natural state of joy and vitality. Try to wear it as a piece of jewelry or simply hold it in your hand while partaking in a simple white light meditation.

Power Scent- Lavender Oil: Applying lavender scented essential oil on your pulse points will not only keep you smelling yummy but help with keeping you calm. Sniff and apply often.

Gemini CrystalScope:

This month Gemini you may find yourself whispering in the wee hours of the morning: “what is my purpose?”and literally questioning every area of your life and even going as far thinking that perhaps you were adopted or dropped from outer space as even your favorite family members currently don’t seem to understand you. And I’m here to tell you, that this is okay.  For the next several months you’ll undergo  a time of introspection which is fantastic because it allows you a fresh start to complete long forgotten projects or dreams or to finally take a leap of faith and move to a new city and start a new career.

Power Crystal: Blue Kyanite
Spiritually, Kyanite helps to release us from thinking that there is no way out and that we have no control over our fate, while giving us the energy to move forward. Blue Kyanite in particular helps with connecting the emotions and the intellect to bring forth mindful, heart centered truth while balancing your throat chakra. Utilize it as a pendant so that it helps with aligning your chakras or place it gently on your throat chakra and dig into this guided Throat Chakra meditation.

Power Colors: Grey and Blue
Wearing these two shades will allow you to remain calm and focused (the grey) while also remaining optimistic and playful (the blue) as you make the leap to your next chapter.

Cancer CrystalScope:


Allow yourself to FEEL and then FEEL some more this month Cancer. And yes we know that you’re the champion of feeling, feelings, but lately you’ve been feeling a bit emotionally constipated as you’ve had to bear the emotional burdens of others, which has left you little time to get your “cry on”  which frankly is dangerous for you and can become quite messy quite quickly (social media fits abound, lol).

Power Crystal: Moonstone
To assist you with getting back to your natural watery state, pick up a piece of Moonstone, my favorite stone for balancing the emotions. Just like you, it’s ruled by and in natural harmony with the moon and will power up all of your good juju while quelling the “icky” stuff. This stone is best used during a full or new moon, simply hold a piece in your right hand and imagine that all of your troubles are melting off your body in little rain drops that dribble into the crystal, while taking long deep cleansing breaths, once you feel centered, slip the crystal under your pillow for a full night’s sleep.

Power Sound: Water As the premiere water sound of the zodiac this juicy element keeps you in your happy place. Check out and drift off to this Gentle Rain Forest track after working with the crystal.


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Leo CrystalScope:


Greetings Mighty Leo! This is the season of power and money for you, but you’ll have to work a bit harder and pull on the energy of the hard-working steadfast Taurus to keep focused and on task. Your style IQ will take a backseat as you strive to reach unprecedented roles and goals and will be found hunkering over your laptop or latest project sans makeup, unshaven and in sweats. While you’ll be proud of your accomplishments you may go back and erase every selfie from this time period. LOL.

Power Crystal: Citrine
To help you push through any self-doubt and confusion, reach for the healing crystal Citrine which enhances mental clarity and self-confidence while also providing the benefits of naturally attracting wealth and abundance. To reap the benefits of this crystal, hold it to your solar plexus chakra while following this guided meditation.

Power Color: Red  To keep you powered up, wear red throughout your daily wardrobe, think accessories.


Virgo CrystalScope: 


Release, relax and refresh is the name of the game for you this month Virgo. Just like the classic Serenity Prayer you are urged to only give attention to the things that you can control and leave everything else at the back door. It is also wise to get into the habit of sharing your problems with others,  they do want to assist you, but you gotta put down the armor and let (the right) folks in.

Power Crystal: Smoky Quartz
To assist with releasing anxiety and bringing yourself back to center, grab a piece of brown smoky quartz. This quietly powerful crystal anchors your energy to the earth, while releasing any negativity that you may be holding within. Place a faceted or natural point Smoky Quartz in each hand, aim it at the earth and consciously release these negative energies to Mother Earth for cleansing and repurposing.

Power Color: White
The color white represents purity and serenity and ushers in a calmness on command. Either opt for pops of white throughout your wardrobe or go for a full on white on white look as we hurl into the start of summer this month.


Libra CrystalScope:

Like Taurus you are ruled and influenced by Venus, the planet of “love” and thus this month you may find yourself overflowing with love for just about everyone and everything – from the Cherry Blossoms on your block to the latest love songs on the radio -to your recent Tinder connects. You may even find that your normal triggers of stress and anxiety have magically melted away. Let me suggest that you keep this going and don’t let anyone kill your vibe.

Power Crystal: Rhodochrosite
Rhodochrosite Healing Properties. Rhodochrosite is a stone that integrates physical and spiritual energies, stimulating love and passion while energising the soul. Rhodochrosite opens the heart, lifting depression and encouraging a positive and cheerful outlook. It improves self worth and soothes emotional stress.
Simply wear this stone as a pendant, a bracelet or place a piece in your bra (if applicable) to ramp up the natural love vibes.

Power Candle Color:Pink
Snuggle into a quiet cozy corner of your home, grab your journal, light any pink colored candle of your choice and write down your deepest wishes for harmonious relationships both platonic and romantic.

Scorpio CrystalScope:


This month you’ll find that the usual grips of highly charged classic Scorpio energy can be easily manipulated based on your emotions and the people you choose to hang around. Set it in your mind that this will be a month of positivity, fertility and calm and so it will be. Take note this is an excellent time to regulate your inner circle and get comfortable with walking away from situations and people that no longer serve you.

Power Crystal: Green Malachite
An extremely powerful metaphysical stone, Malachite is often called the “stone of transformation” and is used for deep energy cleaning, bringing healing and positive transformation to the wearer as well as fertility. Carry this stone in your pocket, wallet or simply place it by your workspace or altar to receive its full benefits.

Power Scent: Sandalwood Essential Oil or Incense
This luxe scent promotes mental clarity and focus while also relaxing the nervous system.

Sagittarius CrystalScope:

“Running ragged.” is the key phrase for you this month Sag and if you feel like you can barely catch your breath before your invited to the next hot event, you’d be correct. This month you’re in popular demand as your larger than life personality and witty humor will be a crowd favorite. Enjoy yourself but be sure to stay hydrated, rested and be prepared to break a few hearts, when you have to cancel at the last minute.

Power Crystals: Red Garnet
Red Garnet is an excellent stone for recharging your energy levels and i’s been said to stimulate the mind to be more positive and self-assured. It’s also great for those who travel frequently and is known to bring good luck often and fast.

Power Meditation:
Breathing. You will have to power up with a strong supply of oxygen and regulate your breathing to take on these various life events. Tuck into this 15 Minute Guided Breath Meditation to Calm the Mind and Body

Capricorn CrystalScope:

You’ll find that May calls on that quintessential Capricorn patience and endurance as life comes at you fast. Expect highs and lows and double check that all of your business affairs (hello tax season) are in order as you may find yourself traveling heavily for both work and pleasure and need to ensure that all of your fiancial obligations have been put to bed so as not to interrupt your plans. You may also get a pleasant surprise with either a pregnancy or the arrival of a long lost friend, lover or family member re-entering your life.

Power Crystal: Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline is my go-to stone when it comes to creating balance during chaos, deflecting negative energies from others and imparting patience, all of which you will need this month Cappy. Rock it as a pendant, bracelet or simply hold it throughout the day to remind yourself to stay patient and focused.

Power Affirmation: I Go With The Flow.

Aquarius CrystalScope:

Dear Aquarius, this is the month to be your most quirky, odd-ball, enchanting, whimsical self. The stars have aligned where people actually “get you” (for once) and will find your antics silly at worst and hilarious at best because your inner child will be on full display and provide much needed amusement and warmth during this tumultuous time across the planet.

Power Crystal: Celestite
This beautiful baby blue glittery stone is good for creative expression, speech, and clear thought, especially about complex ideas. Slip it under your pillow at night to let your imagination run wild during sleep and allow you to bring forth new ideas throughout this fertile month.

Power Scent: Rose Essential Oil
This sweet aroma will help to keep your inner child happy while also attracting loving energy from everyone you encounter.

Pisces CrystalScope:

Though the month will start off quite sleepy expect to take your spring wardrobe for a spin starting mid-month as invites hit your inbox non-stop. Be sure to check in with your emotional palette before committing and if you feel compelled to try out a new form of meditation, yoga or metaphysical activity, this month is a good time to do so as it will help you to rebalance and center your energy.

Power Crystal: Selenite
There are many benefits to be had from this stone. Not only can it help balance and stabilize your body, it can also balance and stabilize your emotions. Hold a piece of it in your left hand and practice this breathing exercise anytime you need to center yourself.

Power Affirmation: I am whole.

Aries CrystalScopes:

For some reason, a lot of people will try to involve you in messy situations that don’t have jack to do with you. The universe gives you full permission to be your usual blunt self and tell them that you honestly do not want to get involved. Note that you may even have to tell your own mother this. LOL.
Sidestep #teammessy and take time this month, to explore a different aspect of your personality via the creative arts or even feel free to immerse yourself in anything to do with the physical earth from gardening to highway cleanup.

Power Crystal: Carnelian
Carnelian is a fiery stone so may be useful if none of your planets are in Aries and you feel you need a boost of fire. It is a stone of creativity and physical vitality. Wear it as a bracelet or slip a chunk of it into your pocket to receive the benefits.

Power Candle Color: White 
A white candle is great for ushering in positive energy and creating harmony within your home. Light this whenever you feel like your spirit needs a boost.


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