It’s simple here. I conduct the reading over Skype, Email or the Phone. I simply channel with the angels and your helping spirits in order to give you answers, clarity and insight on your questions. Often my clients describe their readings with me is like talking to a bestie, only one who’s psychic.
I believe in delivering options and solutions over bad news and my delivery style is upbeat and friendly. I will not hide information from you nor mislead you but I’m very mindful as to how I deliver my messages especially when it comes to ultra sensitive matters.
Ultimately this is up to you, but I find that most questions center around: love, career, health and family and the myriad of mini-topics within these areas. Readings are great for helping you to choose between several options, trying to understand someone else’s behavior towards you and helping you to confirm your own intuitive feelings (aka your gut) around a situation.
For Skype and Phone Readings: please be in a quiet space both physically and mentally. Please refrain from drinking alcohol, indulging in narcotics and please bring your questions and be ready for some answers. You can opt to either record the session with your phone or take notes. My clients refer back to their notes for months to come, so they are helpful.

For Email Readings: please be sure to fill out the intake form that you receive at the time of booking as thoroughly as possible and please submit the required photos and information. You’ve the option of going back to include more details if need be.

45-60 minutes: allows for a deep dive on a variety of areas from work to love and allows me to look into past life history if applicable.

30 minutes: is great for answering 2-3 quick questions with high level insight or it’s a great timeframe to focus on one main topic thus allowing me to go even deeper with my details and insight.

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Yes. PayPal accepts both debit and credit card payments. You will be provided with these options at the time of booking.
Log on to your confirmation email and from there you will be provided with a link to switch your appointment. If for some reason this is not available to you please email me directly at psychiczya (at) gmail dot com
Please check out testimonies from some of my current and past clients.
Please feel free to email me at zya (at) zya dot global 

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