types of soul contracts

“Shitty Relationship Goals”? Why Your Soul Says “Yes”

types of soul contracts

Yes. You did ask for and enjoy that shitty relationship and here’s why… there’s a school of metaphysical thought called “soul contracts” which are the contracts we make before birth dealing with choices, people in our life, free will choice, pre-destined events and agreements. All of this takes place for our personal Soul’s growth and the evolution of our Soulin5d.com

Read that again. And again. And one more time.

Think about it – what did you learn about yourself after that last crap-tastic situation? Your limits? Needs? Desires? Boundaries and shadows?

Probably a lot. Or maybe not so much. And if you didn’t learn a lot about yourself and your issues, chances are you’ll keep meeting that same type of relationship over and over and over again and not know why.

You know like those last 5 guys you dated were “all the same”, or you keep ending up with the same type of bosses or somehow you married the person that most resembles (in temperament if not downright looks) the same parental unit that frankly drives you a little insane on a daily basis.

Sounds familiar? Go ahead, raise your coffee cup if this just happens to be you.

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As a working Psychic Medium I’ve counseled hundreds of clients who sign up for shitty relationships over and over again via Soul Contracts.

And many of them are in these shitty relationships permanently via a badly chosen mate in marriage.

Ahem. Lawd.

So you’re probably wondering well what does a Soul Contract look like or how do you know for sure that you’re in one?


I got you boo.


4 Types of Soul Contracts

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Soul Contract of Abuse & Victimization: How often have you found yourself in an abusive relationship whether physical, emotional or psychological? These types of contracts are often meant to help us heal from karmic ties but also to stand up for ourselves and seek help to unravel just why we allow ourselves to be abused over and over again. Often these contracts go back generations as it is well known that those in abusive relationships often come out of homes where abuse was prominent.

Soul Contract of Loneliness: Ahh the lonely symptom. Sheesh this one is hard to pinpoint but frankly if you’ve found yourself repeatedly in failing relationships or even if you are in a relationship but still feel lonely you may have signed a contract of loneliness

Soul Contract of Loyalty: On the flip side of loneliness can be the the soul contract of loyalty — where we find ourselves being loyal to lovers who are not faithful, repeated job choices that do not appreciate our skillsets and friends and family that take us for granted.

Soul Contract of Anxiety: If you’ve spent the majority of your life filled with anxiety regardless as to your current emotional or physical state you may be holding a contract of anxiety. This low level contract can come across as always thinking “good things don’t last”, there is never enough of -anything- from money to love and so on. Sounds familiar?




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First, you need to realize that you can’t simply break any soul contract that you want, it won’t work that way. You have to understand how this contract hindered and served you. You need to understand the problem before you can break it.

In my work I often use my gifts of clairvoyance and empathy to help clients understand where their blocks are, the soul contracts that they could be reliving and how to recognize and heal themselves.

From there, I then provide you with the tools, strategy and affirmations to create awareness around the soul contract as well as the steps needed to release them.

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Here’s to better clarity and joy…


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