Welcome to Crystal Magick 101!

I’m excited to have you join me on this journey. Many lovers of both crystals and magick do not often think about even putting these two powerful resources together! Spell casting and healing crystals are found all over the world with a rich history woven through many ancient cultures, religions and spiritual belief systems from Africa to Asia to Europe and beyond.

Included in this foundational course will be an e-Guide that contains up to three Crystal Magick Spells, along with a menu list of common items that are used in spell casting, in addition to this you will receive an audio  guided Crystal Attunement meditation and an e-Guide that walks you through how to program and cleanse your crystals. 

If you know you’re ready to jump in then scroll down to the BOOK NOW button and I’ll see you there…as for everyone else take a moment to learn more about Crystal Magick and what you can expect in this upcoming LIVE ONLINE VIDEO COURSE.

What Is Crystal Magick?
In its most basic definition “Crystal Magick” is the process of selecting various crystals for their individual properties and attributes and combining them with various elements such as nature, Feng shui, essential oils and candles to manifest what the conjurer wants in life. These wants and desires can range from love and money to health and happiness. The universe is limitless and so are you.

How Does It Work?
Intention, focus, breathing, visualization, working with key natural elements such as the moon and pulling together just the right words are all part of the secret sauce to magick making with not just crystals but any form of magick.

Benefits of Performing Crystal Magick:
Just like anything else in life, practice makes perfect which is why when it comes to magick and manifesting all that you desire, working with crystals is a great place to start. Not only are they easy to work with, but they also have numerous benefits on the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional realms for the end user.

Key benefits of performing Crystal Magick include:

  • Faster manifestation of all that you desire (prosperity, love etc)
  • Attunement to one of the oldest resources on earth, that are literally found globally
  • Deeper connection with the divine including your inner God/Goddess, intuition, angelic realms
  • The possibility of lowering anxiety, gaining more mental clarity, inner peace and natural joy
  • Protection from both negative vibes, energy vampires and the ill intentions of others

What Will You Learn?
In this 90 minute LIVE VIDEO class you will be taken step by step through the following elements which are vital for Magick Making with Crystals:

  • Vital Spell-casting Building Bricks: Setting intention, visualization, breathing, and belief
  • Attuning To Crystals (both how to and benefits of)
  • How to Prepare Your Space for Ritual
  • Basics in how to to work natural elements such as the moon, color, days of the week, essential oils to use etc.
  • Three main simple but powerful Crystal Magick spells -also provided as a simple E-Guide prior to the class starting along with the crystals and materials I will be using.
  • In addition to the above you will have lifetime access to this class for your future reference.

Things to note:

How To Prepare: Just come with an open mind, you can use the free pre-given E-guide to purchase goods if you would like to follow along live, but simply taking notes is enough as you’ll have lifetime access to the class upon completion.

Video Platform/Channel Host: TBA: Please note that I may use the video platform Zoom so you have the option of appearing on video if you wish which makes the class more engaging (at least for me!) but it’s only optional.

Host & Class Length: This class will be lead live via video – by Psychic Medium, Crystal Expert ZYA – and run about 90 mins long.

Date & Time: Sunday September 9th @8:00PM EST


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