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  Ayyyye! Welcome ya’ll to my newly launch free monthly horoscopes column called CrystalScopes. The first of its kind, this horoscope is created through my psychic powers and uses healing crystals (my absolute fave) as my …

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Hello there gorgeous beings! Happy Love Day! And I say Love because no matter what, that’s the only true vibration that we can all hold onto and grow from. Whether you’re single, coupled up or …

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Whew! What a year 2017 has been! I can honestly say that my hard work has been rewarded as I continue to serve my purpose. As a medium and teacher I strive to help everyone …

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Greetings Beautiful Soul! Just in time for Cyber Monday 2017 I’m giving 44% off any of my Psychic Readings via Phone & Skype! As you get ready to limber up your hands and shop online …

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“Spiritual Awakening” I remember when I first came upon this term. Believe it or not it was via an IG meme that said something along the lines of “you’re not breaking down, you’re breaking through…you’re …

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If you’re spent any time studying the metaphysical, you’ve no doubt heard mention of the “third eye” numerous times.  Your teachers, mentors and psychics are always advising your to “open your third eye” or don’t …

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When I first started to develop my psychic abilities I was introduced to the clairs or what is known as your various psychic gifts. The clairs really shape how your intuition and the spirit world …

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Hey Glitter Bombs!! I’m so excited to announce the launch of my membership 360Magick. It’s an ongoing intuition development training complete with weekly how-to-videos, homework and a pretty lit Facebook Group led by yours truly. …