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TESTIMONY: Hey Zya, my dad wanted me to tell you he said thank you SO much! When he was younger, he knew a lot about Athena! However, he didn’t know that she was actually an Ascended Master/Angel! He feels that a huge weight has lifted off his shoulders and that he feels that there isn’t any negative energy sucking away his positive energy anymore!     READ MORE »

PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR SUMMER 2019 I AM ON HIATUS WORKING ON MY FIRST FULL LENGTH FICTION NOVEL while also taking a breather from spiritual work so that I can replenish my own energy. Thank you for your understanding, empathy and kindness.

If you landed on this page it is because you are searching for guidance, peace or your Guardian Angel has a message for you. As a Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Angel Channeler I work with and call on the the Angels on a daily basis to provide answers for myself and my clients.

Here are but a few key benefits of receiving an Angel Reading and working with your Guardian Angels:

If you’re feeling lost, in a dark place or not sure which steps you need to take next , the Angels can quietly and quickly provide you with answers — from the seemingly trivial — to matters of life and death.

Whether it’s trying to figure out a romantic interest’s true intentions or having better and more meaningful communication with your family and friends — Angels can provide you with the missing words, thoughts and ideas that build bridges instead of burning them.

This is one of my favorite ways to work with the Angels. Can’t find your car keys? What about your passport as you’re getting ready to take flight? You can literally call on the Angels out loud and ask them to help you find that missing item.

In this uplifting 30-45 minute session you will receive:

  • Identification of your Guardian Angels
  • Relaying of DIRECT Angel Messages to give you guidance and clarity on key issues
  • Education on how to understand the messages they send you
  • Instruction on how YOU can communicate and call upon them on your own

The Angels are here to help you to receive their messages, provide clarity and comfort and to teach you more about your chosen spiritual journey on Earth.

Are you in?

*Please note all calls outside of the U.S. are done via Skype. U.S. callers have the option to utilize Skype or their phone.

The Angels are looking forward to meeting you!



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