MY BACKSTORY:  From Fashion to Faith

So you’re probably wondering how a top NYC fashion and entertainment vlogger went from interviewing stars like Diddy and Diane Von Furstenberg to speaking with dead folks and orchestrating ancient healing practices in Southeast Asia…

Oh wait.

You might only know me as a Psychic Medium Zya, or you might only know me as Celebrity Styleaholic Najwa Moses.

Well, these are both correct.

A few moons ago (2002 to be exact) and a year after graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I launched a company called Styleaholics Productions and went on to create the ground-breaking concept of Shopping Parties with a well-attended event in NYC called The Closet. The Closet was my solution to helping indie fashion designers showcase their goods, find clients, and get press. This was way before the days of ETSY, when “indie” only referred to underground bands. The success of this event helped to launch my career as a sought-after fashionista vlogger and led to the subsequent launch of my own web TV series called The In List.

I became a bit of a media darling, interviewing a range of celebrities in fashion and music— Diane Von Furtsenberg, Diddy, Iman, Tommy Hilfiger, and more—for The In List. More success followed, with an abundance of press features, such as MTV, BET, Rachel Ray, Essence Magazine, TRACE, Paper Magazine,, and more. I even landed blogging and Social Media gigs (with the help of some well-connected friends) with high-profile organizations/brands/media outlets like L’Oreal, Bluefly, and NPR.

And this was all pretty dandy until I ran out of steam (and interest in the fashion industry), not to mention the production money necessary to continue producing my show. And so began several years of quiet, and frankly subconscious, soul searching, until the Summer of 2013, when I was forced by a  ghost to honor my spiritual gifts.

I won’t go into the story here — wait for the blog post on that — but let’s just say I was literally “haunted” by this ghost until I decided to get help with my gifts. I then underwent a wonderful psychic development course with Beth Layne in the U.S.

Though she was immediately able to confirm that I was indeed a Psychic Medium with all of the “clairs” (Thank goodness, because I’d begun to research certain types of institutions. Ahem.), I was still too embarrassed and afraid of what people were going to think of me to step out of the Psychic Closet.

It wasn’t until I’d spent almost two years traveling through, and finally relocating to, Southeast Asia and lost a pretty cushy freelance gig that I decided to honor and turn to my spiritual gifts professionally. Because, frankly, I needed income and had finally let go of my past life as a “fashion blogger” and my fear of being judged for sharing my gifts with the world.

It only took two years after my initial psychic development training, plus thirty-odd years of “ignoring” my gifts.

Ha. Ha.

Now, with the launch of Zya.Global, I get to combine my love of travel, metaphysics, and technology as I travel around the world, honing my spiritual gifts and enjoying local art and culture while providing various metaphysical and energy healing services to my clients. I can be contacted directly at



Ahh, the name change. Frankly, I thought I’d made the name Zya up when I was in college (pre-Google) and decided that if I had a daughter I would name her Zya. Fast forward fifteen years and I decided to use the name Zya on Facebook to give myself more privacy. I also Googled the name to see what came up. And what this site had to say about Zya was:

You are intuitive and perceptive and you understand human nature. You have a reservoir of inspired wisdom combined with inherited analytical ability, which could reward you through expressions of spiritual leadership. Operating on the spiritual side of your individuality can bring you to the great heights, and drop you off if you neglect your spiritual identity.”

I quickly realized that I had in fact been given the “inspiration” of this name by my Angel Guides. So here I am.

But in the spirit of keeping it real, if you know me as Najwa, by all means, call me that. No biggie. 🙂



When clients ask me about my reading style, I always tell them, “A reading with me is like chatting with a good friend, except one who is objective and non-judgmental.”

Seriously, this thing called “life” and being human is tough; I want to help you resolve some of your conflicts and move forward in a positive direction, not give you the “side-eye” for the choices you’ve made. Let’s leave that up to your least favorite aunt. (Smile!)

I also don’t believe in giving gloom-and-doom predictions. Instead, I present my clients with the various outcomes that I see at that time, based on the decisions they could make and the actions they could take.

I utilize my energy healing training and my Empathic gifts to try to get to the root of behavior patterns and assist clients in breaking through the “fog” of why they’ve hit certain stumbling blocks, or why they continue to make choices that are not necessarily for their benefit, or just why that lover may be unemotionally available, or why they can’t get over a past relationship.

I often provide clients with follow-up links to additional energy healers like Reiki Masters and holistic professionals, and information on how to clear stagnant energy with the use of a variety of metaphysical tools and techniques.

But my clients can tell you better. Check out these heartfelt TESTIMONIALS.



When I give readings, I don’t use any divination tools, like Tarot Cards, Birthdates, Angel Cards, etc, and the reason is because I’m truly blessed with a boatload of natural metaphysical gifts, including:

  • Mediumship: The ability to communicate with the deceased in order to provide messages to the living.
  • Empathic ability: High/paranormal sensitivity to the energy and emotions of people, animals, physical places, and spirits.
  • Clairvoyance: The ability to see past physical limitations with the use of the third eye, via divination, in order to receive information on past, present, and future situations. This is also known as having Psychic ability.
  • Clairaudience: The ability to perceive sounds or words and extrasensory noise generated by the non-living.
  • Clairsentience: The ability to perceive information by a “feeling” within the whole body, without any outer stimuli related to the feeling and without receiving prior information.



Thanks for taking the time to get to know me better. I look forward to working with you.

You can read more about the types of services I provide and book a reading HERE.

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