Najwa Moses Reveals: “I’m Full Blown Psychic & Now Called Zya”

Psychic Zya at Angkor Wat Cambodia



And so it goes. If you’ve supported me from my — NYC days of my Styleaholics ‘Closet Shopping Party to my entertainment and fashion web TV Series called The In List — I thank you for riding with my adventurous and creative ass.


And now time for the latest: I am a full blown Psychic Medium. As in I can see the future, past and present and  even communicate with dead people aka spirits.

Yes, I traded in my fashion closet and big hair for healing crystals and a life of travel — 20+ countries and counting.



Over two years ago, I ditched Brooklyn, New York for Asia and haven’t looked back. I’ve lived in Hanoi, Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand and currently I’m in the small coastal city of Geoje City, South Korea.

Which brings me to my newest venture; this website Zya. Global. This labor of love allows me to share my travel journeys which take me around the world to learn and apply ancient healing and psychic techniques while indulging in local art and culture.

I’ll also be teaching YOU how to tap into your OWN spiritual gifts and offering up mobile psychic services such as:   psychic readings centered around love, the careers of creative professionals and more!


You can follow my travel and spiritual adventures DAILY via  SNAPCHAT where I also host  live Psychic readings and on Facebook to meet and connect with other light workers and light working enthusiasts and of course to hear about my crazy encounters of dead people.

And if you’d enjoy checking out native tribes in Thailand, Louis XIV’s home in France and delicious cuisine from around the world, hit me up on  Instagram !

Psychic Zya Eating Thai Ice Cream

Getting excited for my very first taste of authentic Thai coconut ice cream in Bangkok!


Wanna book a reading with me? Click HERE and use code READER20 to receive $20 off your very first reading!

In the meantime here is the complete backstory of how I went from Fashion to Faith.


Love, Light & Realness




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