Hello there gorgeous beings!

Happy Love Day!

And I say Love because no matter what, that’s the only true vibration that we can all hold onto and grow from.

Whether you’re single, coupled up or somewhere in between – celebrate LOVE on your terms!

Once again, I’ve had the ultimate honor of writing another article for the fantabulous ESSENCE Magazine!

This time I’m giving you some serious manifesting love tips to get the love that you want – including checking in with yourself first.

Before you skim through the article -do remember that I still have 30 Minute LOVE READINGS available for only $99.

In these heart-felt sessions you’ll have the option of choosing between receiving a:

  • Love Life 2018 Forecast (what and who is coming up for you?)
  • An Empath anchored Love Strategy Reading on a Current Situation (let’s get to the heart of the matter shall we?)
  • Uncover Your Love Blocks (we all have them -abandonment, broken heart, trust issues-let me help)
  • Get a Past Life Love Reading and discover if you’ve been connected before and your purpose for meeting again in this lifetime.

Book Now: My calendar is open for this week through the weekend.

Defo take note of the tips I’ve laid out below and be sure to pick up this month’s ESSENCE magazine on newsstands now!


Also, in case you’re looking to power pack your requests, learn which healing crystals can help you faster!

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