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Spiritual growth is a bumpy journey to your truest self sans religion. It’s a freedom that has nothing to do with materialism and everything to do with refreshing and engaging your soul from the outside …

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As many of you know rapper Kid Cudi penned an open letter stating how he was checking himself into rehab for his ongoing struggle with depression, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts. Kid Cudi’s story touched …

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Most likely if you find yourself on this particular post you’ve begun to come to the terms that you quite possibly have the gift of mediumship though you may also be clinically diagnosed as depressed. …

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  I remember when I was first started to get an inkling that it was way more than my imagination at work when it came to the spirit world. I could recall trying to figure …

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  Oh man! Hailing from New York City, aka the global capital of fast food, I really thought I had a handle on “street food.” I stand corrected.  Honey when I landed in Vietnam and …

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Crystal healing has been practiced since the beginning of time. Healing Crystals are used to support the healing of the body, the mind, and the soul. In fact, I often recommend a variety of healing …